Eleanor Blair (lnr) wrote,
Eleanor Blair

Rest of the week - and rotating babies

Quick summary of the rest of last week:

  • Tuesday: into town for a lovely cuppa with Gail and a haircut
  • Wednesday: Joanna came round for tea and biscuits, and our pushchair was delivered (we've not unpacked it yet though.
  • Thursday: presentation scan at Rosie, visit to garden centre

The most important bit being that the scan confirmed baby is actually head *down* after all (possibly because it has moved since Monday) - so I don't need an appointment to try and turn it round, and hopefully can have my nice maternity unit birth after all. Though of course there are still many reasons why that might still change. Very good news!

Planning a lazy Sunday in tomorrow, then next week I have a whooping cough jab, a union meeting, an ikea delivery and a tour of the Rosie birth centre with Mike to look forward to. Still enjoying plenty of walking and gentle cycling and my weekly pilates class too - though might make Monday my last pilates session.

Tags: life, pregnancy

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