Eleanor Blair (lnr) wrote,
Eleanor Blair

First day not at work

venta came up with a nice idea, of blogging your "working" day for Monday 4th February and tagging it "Mundane Monday", to get an idea of what the ordinary boring minutae of various jobs actually entails. Of course since this Monday is my first day *not* at work for the forseeable future it won't help much in telling her what my job is about, but hey, it might still be fun :)

  • Mike gets up and goes to work, I kiss him good bye and go back to sleep
  • Wake only 5 minutes after my usual alarm would have gone off
  • Spend some time geeking on my iPod - usual routine of posting an image to instagram, Facebook, LJ, Twitter
  • Do a bit of crochet, and enjoy the view from the window, watching the jackdaws in the tree outside
  • Briefly check work mail: one union related moved over to separate account, one automated mail relating to a machine I've told them they can switch off - later briefly log into work to switch it off myself
  • Get up and shower, dress, bring the hoover upstairs and then have breakfast
  • Sit down and make shopping lists of useful healthy quick easy meals on Ocado
  • Say hello to the postman as he delivers a parcel
  • Head out for an hour to potter round the local shops - cheese and fruit and yogurt from the Co-op, Rennies from Boots, veg from the Deli
  • Eat lunch in front of computer - leftover fish pie, with couscous salad and a side salad, plus a huge fruit salad to follow
  • Settle down to catch up with LJ etc for a bit (and start drafting this blog entry ready to post later)
  • Look through cook books (Art of Baking from chap off GBBO, Nigella's Domestic Goddess, G&B chocolate book, my own ring binder of collected recipes), online and ask on Facebook for inspiration for something to bake later in the week - given double cream and chocolate as ingredients
  • Hoover upstairs and the stairs, then empty hoover's dust bin and find the washable filter which is supposed to be washed every 6 months and actually rinse it thoroughly under the tap. Hoover is about 4 years old. Ahem. Leaving to dry for 24 hours (or possibly more, given time of year)
  • More crochet and chilling out at the computer
  • Cook dinner - chilli con carne, home made guacamole, put spud in oven to bake
  • Wash up
  • Greet Mike home from work before I have to head out and meet Clare for pilates class
Tags: "mundane monday"

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