Eleanor Blair (lnr) wrote,
Eleanor Blair

Life update

So since Wednesday I have:

  • Ranted about people who don't know how to use Bcc appropriately
  • Taken some pretty pictures of a frosty morning (see Facebook for more)
  • Baked a Christmas cake and wrapped it up to mature for a couple of weeks
  • Had some bits of lazy weekend: watching telly, playing computer games, chilling out
  • Had some bits of non-lazy weekend: feeding the birds, tidying the garden, walking to the shops
  • Updated the Greengrocer post with this week's fruit/vegetable

My plans for the week include the Dentist on Tuesday, and my first UCU committee meeting on Wednesday. And maybe next weekend or the one after I'll bake mince pies. For me personally it's still rather too early for putting up decorations though - give it another fortnight.

Frosty morning

Tags: baking, life, photos, pregnancy

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