Eleanor Blair (lnr) wrote,
Eleanor Blair

Some things

Item: Wedding. John and Heather got married on Saturday at Clevedon Hall in Bristol and lo it was lovely. Congratulations to them both!

Item: Bike got a puncture yesterday, but I managed to fix it without too much trouble (apart from running out of rubber cement and having to borrow Mike's) - must remember to buy a new repair kit!

Item: Sexism. Found a rather good image online indicating how to tell whether a toy is for boys or for girls:

Item: Walking and Cycling guidance from NICE (see their PDF). I definitely welcome anything which encourages not just people to walk and cycle more where appropriate but also encourages workplaces, councils, road schemes and so on to work together to make it better and easier for people to do so and has specific suggestions. I don't welcome articles about the guidance which emphasise obesity rather than activity and lead with photos of headless fatties (see this one in the Guardian). Being fat doesn't stop you exercising, and exercising doesn't stop being good for you even if you are fat, and won't necessarily magically make you thin anyway. Rant over.


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