Eleanor Blair (lnr) wrote,
Eleanor Blair

25 week midwife appointment

Yesterday, as well as celebrating my birthday some more with a day off work, lots of relaxing, and more cake, I had my 25 week midwife appointment - a little bit early actually as I was only actually 24 weeks on Saturday. It was pretty routine, with one minor exception:

  • Urine test: indicated small amount of sugar in urine
  • Blood pressure, excellent, 110/60
  • Fundal height measurement: 24 cm, perfect for this point in pregnancy
  • Confirmed I have a second GTT booked for 28 weeks, and they'll do the routine full blood count and antibody blood tests then too
  • Noted the letter from the consultant at the hospital saying I'd be OK for midwife led care if the results of the GTT are fine
  • Confirmed consent for me to continue with Slimming World's healthy eating plan until next appointment
  • Advised to book next midwife appointment for 28 weeks - now booked
  • Suggested I ring the Rosie maternity hospital and book a tour

So the only worrying thing is the sugar in the urine - which she was all set to start explaining to me (not knowing my history) before I mentioned I already had a GTT booked. Sometimes apparently this is just a one-off anyway, and may not be a sign of impending gestational diabetes - and the fact the baby is measuring normal in size is a good sign there too. We shall just have to wait and see but in the meantime I shall be endeavouring not to be *quite* so generous with the cake and chocolate in general as I have been this weekend! Even if it does turn out to be gestational diabetes I know I'll be able to manage it - and at least we'll be aware.

One thing I completely forgot while I was there was to ask for my Mat1B form, which I need to hand in to my employers to confirm my pregnancy. I have to notify work by the end of this week of when my due date is, and when I intend to start my maternity leave, and it would be much more convenient to give them this form at the same time (though not technically a legal requirement) - which was my main reason for booking the appointment a bit early! Popped back in and talked to the receptionist and they're going to arrange for it to be ready to pick up "in a couple of days" - so I'll try pop in tomorrow. Still, having the appointment yesterday meant Mike could come along too, and he got to (just about) have a listen to the baby's heartbeat. I'm not sure it was terribly exciting for him, but it was nice to have him there!

Tags: pregnancy
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