Eleanor Blair (lnr) wrote,
Eleanor Blair

The rest of October

So, what have I been up to since my last post?

Socially there was Sally's 30th Birthday party a couple of weeks back, consisting of a ceilidh and lots of cake and cheese. I danced a little less then I normally do at these things, and certainly kept the spinning a little less wild, but had a good time dancing nonetheless - and it was nice to catch up with people too - though as always there were folk I feel I should have said hello to but didn't get the chance. I skipped most of the cheese but had far more cake than is strictly good for one in one evening - mmm cake! And last weekend (while Mike was away at John's Stag Do) I invited a few friends over to finish off a half-drunk decanter of port while it was still drinkable and to eat lots of cheese and trifle. Good fun. To make up for not seeing each other much at the weekend Mike and I both took Monday off and had a lazy day playing Minecraft followed by seeing Skyfall at the cinema and a Chinese dinner out - very tasty but we were so full after our starters that we took the main course home as takeaway and it it for Tuesday's tea! There was a very pleasant retirement do for a colleague at work too.

Pregnancy wise, last week I had my Fetal Anomaly Scan - which is technically optional but pretty much standard these days, and that confirmed that basically the baby has all the right bits in all the right places, and seems to be growing well and moving about much as you'd expect - and we've got a couple more pictures to prove there really is a growing creature in there. They didn't look to see whether it was a boy or a girl, so we'll wait and see when it's born - no more routine scans from here on in. Both Mike and I can feel it moving now. The standard measurements of fetal growth are now from head to toes, rather than crown to rump, and in the last couple of weeks we've had a 26cm banana (quite big, but plausible) and a 27cm carrot (rather more unusual!) - can't wait to see what Saturday's fruit or vegetable will be - a cucumber perhaps? I've definitely got a noticeable bump now, and people outside my direct team at work are now starting to notice and wish us well. Still putting on weight within guidelines - though if I were to carry on at the rate of the last fortnight I'd be getting a bit on the too heavy side - so a bit less cake for a couple of weeks should be a good idea.

Work wise things have been positive - though it's very strange training up Julia to cover for me while I'm gone. She's now doing lots of the things I normally do! But I do have plenty of projects to keep me going in the meantime. Need to start thinking about when I want my maternity leave to start, and notify work within the next three weeks or so. And towards the end of that I'll have my next appointment with the midwife too - on my birthday of all days :)

All in all life is pretty quiet, but good.

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