Eleanor Blair (lnr) wrote,
Eleanor Blair

Some things

Item: Train tickets. Greater Anglia have sent me a voucher for £5 off train tickets - to refund my £1.20 and give me £3.80 extra for the inconvenience. I wonder if I should ask them how to use a voucher in the ticket machine :) Shelford station only has staff Monday-Friday 6am to 10:30am (I thought it closed much earlier than that actually, I'm pleasantly surprised!). They've confirmed the London Terminals ticket is OK for changing at Tottenham Hale, and said that basically if I have a similar problem again with the ticket machine there's no alternative but to pick the best ticket you can think of and then complain.

Item: Pregnancy. Still pregnant :) Definitely getting a visible bump now. Had my flu jab today, with no incident. Next appointment is my "foetal anomaly scan" at 20-weeks, aka 23rd October. Not quite definitely feeling the baby move yet - a couple of feelings that *might* be that or might just be tummy gurgles.

Item: Baking. After the success of last week's buns today I've baked cookies. Dairy-free chocolate cookies to be precise. They look rather good. Recipe.

Item: Books. I've finally finished cataloguing all the books and maps onto LibraryThing - though looking at Heather's I've been reminded there may be a knitting book lurking in a drawer with all the yarn which I've missed. There are 415 books in our catalog - and roughly 320 in the list to sell/giveaway. If you're interested there are still some books left here. At some point I shall give up and give the rest to charity though. I was particularly bemused to find there was one book which the internet entirely refused to believe exists, even though it has an ISBN, so I had to add it completely manually! This one! It feels good to be finished, but I keep wondering what to do next :)

Item: Slimming World USA. Slimming World are launching their site in the USA in earnest this month, with a "Lend a Hand" campaign which gives me the heebie-jeebies. It feels at best patronising and at worst downright insulting. However I do have to admit that Slimming World has in fact been a great plan for me in terms of losing weight, maintaining that weight loss, and even continuing to eat healthily while pregnant. I don't believe it's the *only* way to do so, or even necessarily the best. I don't believe that everyone who is overweight or obese should in fact want to or even need to lose weight. However, all that aside, if you're in the states and interested I have a referral link and you can go find out more here.

I think that's about it for now :)

Tags: books, food, life, pregnancy, slimming

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