Eleanor Blair (lnr) wrote,
Eleanor Blair

Social life and Glucose Tolerance Test

I feel like I have a busy social life right now. On Tuesday night we had a lovely meal out at CB2 for our wedding anniversary - with chocolate milkshakes - and a walk back through Mill Road Cemetery for old time's sake. A very happy 2 years it has been, and we're looking forward to many more! And tonight we met up after work for another good meal out at Loch Fyne - made even better with money off offers - and then met up with some of Mike's colleagues for drinks to celebrate Scott's 30th birthday. Very entertaining when we were both rather more sober (ie completely so) than everyone else (completely not). I did have a couple of beers - but they had no alcohol in! Plus tomorrow I'm heading off for a hen party.

The other thing I did on Tuesday (fun ways to spend your wedding anniversary) was to have a Glucose Tolerance Test at Addenbrookes. Apparently in this area they recommend one for everyone at 28 weeks - but because of the family history of diabetes and my own raised blood sugar in the past when I was diagnosed with metabolic syndrome they decided to recommend I have an extra one around 16 weeks too. You arrive first thing, having not eaten or drunk anything since the previous evening and they do a blood test. They then give you a strong solution of glucose to drink (with a splash of lemon juice to make it taste better) and give you 5 minutes to finish it - then you come back at 1 hour and 2 hours after you finished the drink for more blood tests. I have to admit it made me feel as sick as a dog - so much so I even had to put my book down and stop reading. The results were supposed to take a week, but I got back this evening to find they've arrived.

According to local guidelines they recommend a diagnosis of Gestational Diabetes Mellitus if any one of your results is at or above the following:

Fasting:   5.3 mmol/l
1 hour:   10.0 mmol/l
2 hour:    8.5 mmol/l

My results were:

Fasting:   4.4 mmol/l
1 hour:    6.8 mmol/l
2 hour:    3.4 mmol/l

So I pass! And it's well within the guidelines for a normal result in non-pregnant people too. I think they'll still want to do it again later in pregnancy, but that's great news for now. No excuse to stop eating healthily of course. Though with the hen party tomorrow (which I'm all packed for and looking forward to) this weekend may be a bit of an exception. I have Monday off to recover and go see my midwife for a 16-week check-up, and then I have an appointment with the obstetric consultant on Tuesday - and we'll see if they think I do need any more extra checks or if I can just be counted as a normal pregnancy from here on in.

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