Eleanor Blair (lnr) wrote,
Eleanor Blair

Walks and other adventures

Since we're off to the Lake District tomorrow (hurray!) we've made the effort to get out for a couple of nice long walks recently. So on Saturday the 5th we headed out on a bus to Horseheath and walked back home along the Roman Road via Wandlebury (and a rather good tea shop at the top of the hill), and then this Sunday (the 12th) we took a train to Newport (the one in Essex) and walked from there to Haverhill, where we could get a bus home. Both were lovely walks - though we got very rained on during the first one, as well as lots of sun. I've popped routes and some photos on everytrail for both of them, and I'll have a go at embedding them below.

Roman Road from Horseheath to Wandlebury

Newport to Haverhill

Other than that we've not been up to much. I've joined the gym at Addenbrookes as an associate member so I can go along with Clare to pilates classes - I'll probably give some of their other classes a try at some point too. I've also had a pleasant evening out at the regular Girl Geek Dinner event which is now being run in Cambridge by Laura - hopefully I'll go along to some more in future too. And of course we've been rather distracted for a couple of weeks by lots of Olympics happening - some of which I've really really enjoyed.

Work however has been rather more exciting than usual this week. We had a scheduled power outage over the weekend, for some work to be done on the department's substation, and arranged to shut down all the computers in advance as a precaution - since they don't have enough backup power to last that long. Unfortunately it seems the way our aircon system works means our computer room is rather more humid than normal, and it looks like they cooled down enough to be affected by condensation - resulting in quite a few computers having problems when they were powered back on again after the weekend. There's only really one machine which is my baby - and that's our database server - so it was a bit of a shock to have to spend some time rebuilding the operating system from scratch. Thankfully the data itself was all on mirrored partitions and was fine, but we've definitely made sure everything is rather better packaged and documented to make it easier to fix if we ever have problems in the future.

Thankfully all that's sorted now, so I can go away on holiday with a clear conscience, and look forward to some lovely scenery, some hiking in proper hills, seeing Mum and Dad at the weekend in our cottage in Keswick, and then a few days in a lovely hotel in Windermere too. It's going to be great. Just need to pack first :)

Tags: holiday, life, walking

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