Eleanor Blair (lnr) wrote,
Eleanor Blair

A day off work

After a busy weekend last week I decided I fancied a nice long weekend to follow, so I've taken today off work. So obviously I've decided it's a good idea to get round to doing some painting. We bought a couple of testers probably a year or more ago, and tried them both out a few weeks back and decided which we wanted, so yesterday morning before work I nipped into Homebase and bought a tin of paint. So far today I have:

  • Removed all the items from the mantelpiece and hearth
  • Moved a nearby DVD case and small table
  • Hoovered where the furniture was, and the cobwebs from the nearby walls
  • Had breakfast
  • Found the tarpaulin and paint sheet from the shed, and taped them to the fireplace
  • Started taping all the edges with masking tape - until I ran out of tape
  • Painted the first coat anyway, leaving plenty of space at the edges where there's no tape
  • Washed the brushes and roller I used
  • Taken photos of several stages, and of some things in the garden
  • Had a cuppa and stuck a spud in the oven for lunch

My plan of action for the rest of the day is:

  • Wait for my Ocado delivery (between 12 and 1) ✓
  • Have lunch ✓
  • Go out and try the Post Office, Garden Centre and Waitrose for more masking tape ✓
  • Hopefully not have to go all the way into town for tape! ✓
  • Apply tape to the bits I've missed so far ✓
  • Paint a second coat ✓ - yay!

The first coat should be dry by about 2:30, so this even gives time for a third coat this evening with Mike's help maybe when he gets home from work. And then we can have a quiet weekend in the bits that remain :)

Addendum: not sure it won't need 4 coats though - and it's not looking very even. Will have to see how it looks after the third has been done and has dried overnight.

Tags: diy, life, painting

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