Eleanor Blair (lnr) wrote,
Eleanor Blair

Happy New Year

Here's a quick (and incomplete) review of what Mike and I have been up to in 2011:

  • Saw an exhibition of handmade books, including ones made by Clare, at Shelford library
  • Got a new washing machine
  • Saw Justin Currie with Glenys at The Junction
  • Whitby Goth Weekend, with David, Clare, Heather and Ian, including steam trains, and craft shopping
  • Snowdonia for Mike's 30th: climbed Snowdon, explored around Betws y Coed, rode on the Ffestinog Railway
  • Sonisphere festival - camping and metal and rain and friends
  • Pat and Geoff's Ruby Wedding Anniversary
  • My new niece Isobel was born, and we met her at a party for Dave and Liz before they headed off back to New Zealand
  • Reached my target weight - and have mostly stayed there
  • Had a new kitchen fitted
  • Cath's hen do at York races
  • Walked the West Highland Way
  • Alistair and Cath's Wedding
  • Halloween at John and Heather's new house in Bristol
  • My birthday: a family trip to Culloden Tower in Richmond, and a weekend in London seeing We Will Rock You!

And last but not least we spent Christmas in Lydney, where we enjoyed long walks with Evan and Gina, Just Dance and Zumba on the wii, plus we visited Chepstow Castle and had drinks/dinner with Phil, Rae and Adam. Then we headed up for New Year in Mirfield. Chinese for dinner with mum, dad and grandad on the 30th, a fantastic party on NYE for dad's 60th birthday with performances from Em Sargant and Serious Sam Barrett, plus a buffet and cake and fizz and dancing and an excellent quiz. Then open house at mum and dad's on New Year's Day itself (his actual birthday). Loads of lovely family and friends.

This year we don't have many plans yet, other than a family visit to Ireland in May, but I'm sure there'll be lots of other lovely things going on too, and plenty to look back on this time next year! There are definitely friends we haven't seen in far too long, but hopefully we'll catch up soon.

Tags: 2011, family, friends

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