Eleanor Blair (lnr) wrote,
Eleanor Blair

A nice Saturday

Today we got up and went for a potter into the village: to the post office to collect a parcel, to the Co-Op unsuccessfully seeking wholemeal pitta bread, to the bike shop to buy brake blocks, to the Library to look round an excellent exhibition of interesting hand-made pieces of book-art (including one of ceb's) and to the deli on impulse to buy some lovely looking chillis and an avocado - they've rather expanded the green-grocery out the front and we couldn't resist. It's really nice living in a proper village!

Back home we opened the parcel and found lovely Christmas presents from Em and John. Perfume, a DVD, some *fabulous* looking slabs of chocolate with chilli, and an ace evolution-of-man tshirt for Mike ending with a chap playing electric guitar :) We watched Time Team, had lunch and have generally been chilling out ever since. I even have iced coffee, though I accidentally put too much sweetener in so it's not actually drinkable - oops. And Ocado have kindly come and filled out fridge to bursting as well.

If the weather's nice tomorrow we might potter over to Fowlmere to have a play with our binoculars. We had great fun yesterday evening pointing the scope at the moon and at Jupiter and counting its moons too. A wee bit too wobbly without a tripod.

Tags: christmas, life, shelford
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