Eleanor Blair (lnr) wrote,
Eleanor Blair


I've had a stressy couple of days really, but had a long wibble in bed with Richard this morning and I'm feeling rather better. Thursday night's are never great for us getting to talk about stuff since we're at the pub much of the evening and then he's usually had more to drink than makes for sensible conversation. (I would too if it weren't for the diet :-)

Hopefully should have a better conversation with my mum this afternoon, after a very peculiar one on Thursday where all seemed fine and normal until for no apparent reason she seemed to think I was sounding hysterical, and we kind of each managed to make the other feel bad as a result. She seems worried I seem to think she's a bad mum, but I don't. She's great and she's obviously trying to accept things and be happy for me even if she's finding it hard. And it would be so much easier for her if I wasn't a stressed little bunny and really could just reassure her I was absolutely fine.

Looks like there may be a small horde of us at Whitby in November too. I'm waiting for the cottage company to get back to me, and we'll see what's available. Richard was talking about maybe coming along too, just for the holiday and the company rather than the goths. Which would be nice. Hopefully the combination of people all sharing a house won't turn out to be doom on a stick.

I have vague DIY plans involving two shades of blue paint for the bedroom and some MDF for the kitchen. I might not get to actually do anything with them this weekend but I'd like to at least get them bought. We also need to do some shopping at some point and some washing up. Hopefully Sion will be feeling up to coming to watch Chicago on Sunday, and Pete's having a party this evening, looks like being a nice relaxed weekend all told.

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