Eleanor Blair (lnr) wrote,
Eleanor Blair

A multi-modal journey

Initially Mike was too full of cold for us to contemplate walking this weekend, but he was feeling much better today, and the weather was too nice to refuse, so we walked to the station, got a train to Great Chesterford, walked, mostly following the Ickneild Way to Linton where we went round the zoo, then waited an hour for a bus back to Addenbrookes, walked from there to Shelford station again for a curry at the excellent Zara, and then walked home.

About 4.5 miles to Linton, 2.5 miles to Shelford, and half a mile each way to the station and back, for a total of roughly 8 miles. The main section is on google maps.

A lovely day, but I feel a bit rough now, hopefully not coming down with Mike's cold!

Tags: walk
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