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Health update

GPs this morning to discuss implications of recent blood tests. It looks like the bad liver function test was almost entirely caused by the statins - I've only lost a couple of kg in the time between the two tests, so it's unlikely that made a difference. Only way to prove it is to put me back on them, but he doesn't see the need for that :) Cholesterol before I stopped them was at 3.3.

Blood sugar levels are also currently OK, although he didn't say what the HbA1C value from the most recent test was, and didn't take fasting glucose last time round. I've never had a value above 7 for fasting glucose though, and the metformin was mostly preventative, so given the excellent weight loss results the current plan is to stop taking that too. I'm to go back in 2 months and he'll test fasting blood sugar, cholesterol and liver function again. Hopefully those will all be OK and we can continue unmedicated thereafter.

Finally he did blood pressure, and showed an interesting effect: first result (immediately after fairly animated conversation) was roughly 150/90 - dreadful. After 60 seconds deliberately relaxing and breathing deeply it was down to 122/74 - absolutely fine.

Ideally I need to continue losing weight to a BMI of 25 or less and then stay there, but the main takeaway message is not to gain any weight from where I am now at about BMI 29.5. I may compromise on somewhere inbetween, depending on how hard it gets to keep losing weight. Overall I'm pretty happy :)

And in other news while checking if I had full access to the BMJ I discovered there's apparently a link between hyperparathyroidism and diabetes/glucose intolerance. Apparently just having had the abnormal gland removed may well have reduced my fasting glucose levels a little! See this relevant paper.

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