Eleanor Blair (lnr) wrote,
Eleanor Blair

Mini rant

Dropped a prescription off at the GPs today. We're supposed to leave 2 working days before collecting at the local chemist. The note on the drop-off box this morning said they'd be available next Wednesday afternoon. That's over a week! Now I know it's New Year, but that's only one day of bank holiday. Interlink Express aren't doing deliveries today or tomorrow either, so the parcel I missed before Christmas can't be redelivered until I'm back at work.

In non-rant news Christmas was lovely. Just under a week at mum and dad's, and grandad was staying for much of it, as well as Steph, Dave, Oliver, Em and John staying overnight on Christmas Day itself, and an uncle and aunt and small cousins round on the 23rd too. We might not have done much, but I think we all had a lovely time, and it was really relaxing. (Photos largely contain the baby, so are not public).

Tags: christmas, family, rant

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