Eleanor Blair (lnr) wrote,
Eleanor Blair

Birthday week :)

I'm hopeless about writing about things as they happen, but there've been a few things this week that have been ace enough I want to make a note of them.

Tuesday night was the night of the Leonids meteor shower. The peak was supposed to be around 2am, but no way were we going to stay up that late. So after dinner we wrapped up warm and headed out up the hill to Gog Magog down with binoculars and a blanket. It was clouding up a little, and we only saw three meteors between us, but it was still a lovely evening, and so nice to be up there on our own in the dark. The wind was funny though: cycling up the hill was much easier than usual and instead of free-wheeling back down at a vast pace we actually had to pedal! Fab.

Thursday was my birthday, and I had a lovely day. Opening presents in bed is always fun, even if you only have 10-15 minutes before Mike really has to get up and leave for work. Dropping the lid of a le creuset paninni press/grill thing on your leg is not recommended, even with a duvet for padding. Mike made me laugh by buying me a pack of four lovely field mushrooms as a treat. A strange present, but very romantic coming from someone who really doesn't like them. I had most of them for tea, along with a nice steak slightly overcooked in the grill thing (a present from mum and dad). I got lots of lovely things from other people too: I'm very lucky. And it was even a nice day at work :)

We saved going out for Saturday night, with a brief stop in HMV to buy the part of my present from Mike which was inconveniently only released on Friday - Super Mario World for the Wii! A half of Old Rosie in the Mill was followed by dinner at Loch Fyne, where we had the most enormous seafood platter in the world (or so it seemed) complete with a whole crab and a whole lobster. An utter treat, and we were stuffed by the end, so we didn't stay for pudding but went home again on the bus (such style!) and spent the rest of the evening playing Mario. And we played quite a bit more on Sunday - today I have a slight case of Nintendo thumb, and struggle to peel a clementine at coffee time.

Off to the Dentist after lunch, which I'm not really looking forward to, but hopefully it should all just be routine. And then on Wednesday afternoon we're off to the Register Office to give our Notices of Marriage, an appointment for which Mike had to take time off work. They're too busy at the weekend doing weddings :) And on Friday we'll have been officially going out for four years. Brilliant. Did I mention how lucky I am :)

Tags: birthday, life, love

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