Eleanor Blair (lnr) wrote,
Eleanor Blair

All doped up and nowhere to go

Walked to the hospital this morning in the sunshine, which was really nice. And they got me all doped up ready for the procedure, and lying in the right place on the table with the ultrasound machine. And then started looking for the kidney stone in order to blast it into pieces... and couldn't find it.

It's possible I passed it the last time I had pain, or it's possibly just hiding. The images on the machine intended for zapping are apparently not always good enough to find things, and my stone is (or was) only just big enough to need treatment anyway. So they're going to send me an appointment for an ordinary ultrasound to see if they can still find anything. If not we'll assume it passed and just be pleased, otherwise they'll make another appointment for the lithotripsy once they know better where to find it.

Paul picked me up and has dropped me in the office instead of at home, where I'm going to read email for a bit and have some lunch while the sedative finished wearing off. I don't feel *very* doped up though, so I'll be able to get some work done this afternoon.

Tags: kidney stones, lithotripsy

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