Eleanor Blair (lnr) wrote,
Eleanor Blair

Not an aunty yet

My sister Steph was supposed to go in for induction for her baby last Monday at 38.5 weeks, because she has gestational diabetes. They didn't have a bed though, so she went in on Tuesday instead. Since then she's been alternating between trying to induct her without much success and waiting around while they do nothing because there's no cot for the baby. I went up to visit on Friday and came home today and there's still no baby, and even if it does manage to arrive tonight/tomorrow both mum and baby will be on the transitional care ward for at least 48 hours, to which they're only allowing partners to visit because of swine flu.

It's all been rather stressful for everyone, however she is now finally in labour, so fingers crossed! And it was good to see her and Dave and mum and dad. I wish I could have stayed up longer really, to see them when they can come out, but I have a hospital appointment on Tuesday that I can't put off.

Tags: nephew, niece

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