Eleanor Blair (lnr) wrote,
Eleanor Blair

Thank you

Thanks all for the well wishes on the last post. It appears you are all more powerful than you think, or perhaps I'm just incredibly lucky, and believe me I'm touching wood right now, well laminate, but I've woken this morning in no pain at all. Maybe drinking lots and lots of water has helped it break up quickly, perhaps it's just moved a little and will get stuck again somewhere else, but for now I'm feeling very relieved.

And we had a nice evening in London visiting Pete and Val (Mike's brother and his fiancee) at their rather eclectic place on Tottenham. We enjoyed seeing their place, having a look at the artwork they've got up on the walls for an event they're running over the weekend (with bands and DJs as well as the art), eating chinese and playing some rather eccentric pool (with a young cat joining in), and generally had a good time. It was nice to see them. We got rather mislaid on our way home and failed to find which bus stop to get off for Tottenham Hale, and in the end realised we were so far past it that it was easier to stay on until Liverpool Street, where we were too late for the intended train but still able to get the last train for Cambridge, so getting home rather later than intended - and with a taxi ride for the last leg, since the last train for some reason stops at all the usual stops *except* Shelford.

Tags: family, kidney stones

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