Eleanor Blair (lnr) wrote,
Eleanor Blair

Be careful what you wish for

I may in the past have expressed some impatience with the fact I've had so many appointments to diagnose and test a condition for which I had no apparent symptoms. This morning however I woke at 5am with a strong pain in my abdomen, mostly in the left lower back, which became stronger and weaker in waves, and kept me more or less awake and uncomfortable until 8am when I could phone the GPs, and get an appointment at 9am. Testing my urine showed signs of blood in it, and it seems that in fact all this extra calcium in my blood has caused the formation of a kidney stone. Ow.

I have yet another referral for yet another hospital appointment for a CT scan to look for stones, which is fast tracked and should be within the next 10 days, and in the meantime I have strong painkillers. And a bit more respect for the power of a tiny over-active gland in my neck. The painkillers work, but it's not how I intended for the last day of my week off work!

Tags: hypercalcaemia, hyperparathyroidism, kidney stones

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