Eleanor Blair (lnr) wrote,
Eleanor Blair

A bank holiday

And a very relaxing one too. Friday night/Saturday morning we had to ourselves. Mike's parents joined us on Saturday afternoon and we drove over to Ickworth near Bury-St-Edmunds and wandered briefly round the gardens (before they closed) and more leisurely round the park including lake and vineyard. Cleverly we discovered that the loos at the house also close at 5, and the alternative loos are at the vineyard *after* we'd walked back up the hill to the carpark. Services on the A14 to the rescue. Mike and I were making the most of our new status as National Trust members (my birthday present to him) or it would have been a rather more expensive trip.

Sunday we had a nice breakfast, pottered round the garden centre, had a big lunch and then waved Evan and Gina off and spent the late afternoon and evening watching Snooker and playing Lego Star Wars. And Monday we attacked the garden: Mike did some weeding and some wonderfully aggressive pruning while I spread 200 litres of nasty smelling bark as mulch on the front garden (which consists mostly of shrubs). It looks great, but it's still a bit whiffy.

Ankle's still improving lots, which is great. And for the parathyroid I now have a letter from Addenbrooke's themselves asking me to ring and make an appointment (within 7 days of receiving it) which I attempted to do on Thursday - only to find the phone number redirects to the wrong bit of the voicemail system (asking me to enter a mailbox number) and it took 4 calls and quite a bit of redirecting before I got the (hopefully) correct answerphone and managed to leave my name, hospital number and daytime phone numbers. Since then they have entirely failed to call me back, and I'm beginning to get paranoid, but when I tried to call again today I got the broken voicemail again and just couldn't face more phone tag. I am not happy. The fact I've already waited 14 days + 10 days to even get the letter in the first place makes me even less so. I guess I'll try them again tomorrow.

Oh yes, and I'm not moving to Dreamwidth, although I am willing to read your journal there via openid if you've moved, see link in my LJ profile. I'll still be posting here.


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