Eleanor Blair (lnr) wrote,
Eleanor Blair

Stuff and things

Things I have done recently:

  • Joined slimming world's online site at http://bodyoptimise.com and spent a week following their plan
  • Taken metformin and statins for just over a week: 1 day of nearly gagging while eating, 2 days of diarrhoea, now just the occasional gurgle.
  • Despite the combination of the above I've not lost the huge lump of weight which is typically associated with the first week of a diet, but I shall persevere
  • Had my first day back in the office, and resolved to start going in again next week. Stephen has offered me lifts, since I'm very nearly on his route to work anyway. I'm thinking about trying the bike after Easter.
  • Been out to my first social event since doing my ankle in, the lovely Alison's lovely birthday party, with the most incredible Star Destroyer cake. It was nice to talk to people.
  • Got a letter from the NHS asking me to use their "choose and book" system to get an appointment about the hyperparathyroidism. Only I could neither choose (only one choice) or book (no appointments available) so I rang them up and apparently Addies should write to me directly within the next 14 days and if not I should contact me GP and get them to talk to Addies about it.
  • Had a go on the wii fit: 13 minutes of step and two balance games, and beat my previous scores. With a wii fit age of 29 but my highest weight ever. Though it's 161 days since I last tried it. Without my rides to work I need a little exercise of some sort. Ankle didn't mind at the time, tiny bit achy now.
  • Ascended a monk in nethack! Only my second ascension ever, and the first time I've seriously played a monk at all. It was rather fun.

Don't expect regular weight or diet updates, I just want to quietly get on with it, rather than talking about it.

Tags: ankle, hyperparathyroidism, weight

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