Eleanor Blair (lnr) wrote,
Eleanor Blair


It took an hour to go to the docs and back, and cost 13 quid in taxi fares, but at least I got to buy some more food in the co-op while I was out. 3 more blood samples taken, the results will take another couple of days, and then the doctor will want to make an appointment to talk about them (I'll make sure to make it for later in the morning though, that way the local taxi firm will have finished with the school run and it'll be cheaper).

Right now the ankle seems to have ceased getting much better. I can walk around the house, but if I try any longer distance I've got a really painful step about 1 in 20 or so. And of course all my muscles are weirdly stiff from being used in unusual ways. But I have an offer of a lift into work a couple of days next week, which will be good.

I am becoming rather too fond of Deal Or No Deal and Come Dine With Me, both of which really are car crash TV, but conveniently on at lunch time.

Amusingly Mike also stopped at the co-op on the way home and bought identical bread (something our co-op seems much better at than those in Oxford) and the same chocolate puddings. And he used yesterday's leftover gravy to make a lovely lamb stew, which ended up leaving more gravy. Which we ate while watching Reservoir Dogs, which I'd never seen before. A combination which was perhaps a little unwise. Now I'm off back to my book. I'm 7 books behind in cataloguing the ones I've read this year, which is very lax, but I keep putting it off in order to have more time reading :)

PS the comment spam this time was remarkably relevant, so apologies if I deleted anything genuine. If you wish to make comments but don't have a livejournal account please sign or initial them, if you wish to make anonymous comments which aren't mistaken for spam you could sign them "anon".

Tags: ankle, hypercalcaemia

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