Eleanor Blair (lnr) wrote,
Eleanor Blair

Hmmm, games

Pleasant evening after all: mobbsy was also at a loose end and had enough tuits to actually do something and give me a ring. If we'd been able to get hold of people at such short notice we'd have had a game of bridge, but as it was we ate chips and fruit salad, had a game of scrabble and several rounds of german whist, listened to cheesy outdated rock music and wittered about weather and the seaside (ok and a bit about diets).

It really would be good to get a game of bridge together occasionally though, and now we know Ross is interested it may be slightly easier to find four players at once. We're rather rusty though, as our inability to count the trumps in the whist games showed. I did keep finding myself picking up a hand and wondering how I would bid it though, so perhaps all is not completely lost.

Used my last 11 sins on two more posh chocs and 5 jelly beans. Sin free for the rest of the week is hard, but do-able.
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