Eleanor Blair (lnr) wrote,
Eleanor Blair

A good weekend

Saturday afternoon was dominated by listening to Liverpool beat Man United on the radio, followed by a bit of rugby before my parents arrived bearing more flowers. Fajitas with all the trimmings for tea, and some time looking at possible wedding venues on the web and mum and dad's photos from New Zealand.

We got up early this morning to catch the repeat of Match of the Day, to see some of the action from the game, had lovely scrambled eggs for breakfast and introduced my parents to the delights of Scuzz on the telly. Then went off to the garden centre where they bought us a cowslip and some bluebells and Mike bought us a nice folding teak table and two chairs for the garden. Then we went off to the King William IV at Heydon for a lovely lunch (though possibly not quite as good as when they last ate there in c 2000). Just time for a cuppa before they headed home and then we watched England actually play rugby properly for a change, and Mike planted out our purchases before it started to get dark. A lovely weekend, and fabulous to get out of the house even if I only pottered round one corner of Scotsdales trying out chairs :)

At this rate I don't think we're going to need much if any dinner. Shattered though.


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