Eleanor Blair (lnr) wrote,
Eleanor Blair

A trip to A&E

So yesterday morning I still couldn't put my weight on the injured leg so Mike took the day off to look after me and we took a taxi to Addies to get it looked at.
It was so nice to get about in a wheelchair for a while. After the usual sort of wait a nurse practitioner took a look and poked it a bit to see where it hurt and then sent me to get it Xrayed. She was surprised to find that I've actually got a little chip in the bone where the ligament attaches.
Apparrently you treat this sort of break much as a bad sprain. I have a big velcro boot thing rather than a tubigrip or a cast, and crutches to help me get about. And I have an appointment next week for the fracture clinic.
No fit state to work even from home yesterday and not really today either though definitely finally beginning to hurt less this morning. I'm taking pretty much max dosages of ibuprofen and paracetamol and installed on the sofa with wii, telly, book and knitting. Mike is back at work but I can just about cope. Really makes me wish we had a downstairs loo though! :)
Tags: ankle
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