Eleanor Blair (lnr) wrote,
Eleanor Blair

What can I see?

A desk, a bed covered in a blanket, with another blanket and 3 cushions on top, 2 chairs, a filing cabinet. Four walls, a ceiling, a floor with beige carpet, a door with a handle and hooks on the back and a set of blue curtains and the rail holding them up. A lampshade, and the light coming from the bulb inside it, a lightswitch. A 2008 calendar still open to December. My computer, 2 monitors, 2 keyboards, 2 mice, four speakers, one volume control widget, camera dock with camera in it, iAudio dock and iAudio not in it, cordless phone in its charger/base station. A cuddly snake, a notebook, a file card box with dividers and cards and a book of stamps, and some loose cards on the desk and computer, 2 pens (one black, one purple) a pencil, a pad of heart-shaped post-it notes, a pair of sunglasses, a Nationwide banking widget, a knitting pattern and a plastic bag with a darning needle and a tiny rubber band in it, a crochet hook, a caffe uno loyalty card and the save the date card for Jan and Owen's wedding, a computer game in its box, and the instruction manual for our AOL internet (which includes where we wrote down the wireless network key), and the manual for the phone. A desk tray with some filing in it, including a thankyou note from my cousins, and the latest phone bill, plus the sock I'm currently knitting. A copy of Yarn Forward. Two empty ring binders, a bookcase with computer books and CDs and DVDs with assorted software on them and another rather elderly keyboard. A pile of cuddly toys, the number 52 on a sticker for our front door, and the instructions for attaching it, and a bright green post-it note with the times of the last trains. Mike playing WoW in his dressing gown, and me typing LJ in makeshift pyjamas.

Tags: meme

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