Eleanor Blair (lnr) wrote,
Eleanor Blair


Dur, forgot to mention that in the meantime I've been and gone and had another birthday last Wednesday. Mike told me to take the day off work, so I got to stay up late on a school night, have a nice lie-in on my birthday itself, followed by breakfast in bed (bacon and egg buttie, pain-au-chocolat, coffee, orange juice) and some reading. Then a gentle afternoon with lots of laughter playing wii music (which was his present to me), out to the chinese in the village for dinner, and home in time to watch next week's Heroes before bed. It was a lovely day, and I even got out of our monthly Infrastructure Group meeting.

I'd decided not to have a big party this year, especially since we were suppose to have a housewarming a couple of weeks back, but I think David's hoping to rope me and Mobbsy into a 100th birthday (33 1/3 each) sometime in March.

Tags: birthday
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