Eleanor Blair (lnr) wrote,
Eleanor Blair

We can haz internet again

After working briefly last Thursday our internet disappeared again. We tried technical support, and they had us changing various settings in the router, which incidentally trashed our wireless settings. They insisted we try using the master phone socket downstairs, which now involved moving the computer since we don't have a long ethernet cable. After getting us to change things to the same settings several times they gave up and asked second line support who said "oh, the line won't be available until the 2nd".

So we tried again today, with the settings left as they were which they claimed would work. And it didn't work. Phoned them up again, and again they had me check the settings were exactly as they'd left them, and it didn't work. So they had me hit the link that resets it to factory settings, input the same basic and ADSL settings *again* and then it worked. Obviously there is something in one of the settings not on their script which was set incorrectly. I will refrain from speculating if doing this first time round would have fixed the problem. I've now reset the wireless settings again too, so the wii can talk to the internet as well. And remembered to update my AV, since windows was nagging me about it :-)

Mind you I'm not sure what they're charging us for it. They recently upgraded us for free from 1MB to 2MB. They sent us mail which said that's not possible on this line and they're going to downgrade us again, but they appeared to have failed to correctly edit their cut and pasted standard letter and said it would cost us "0 a month". I somehow doubt it, but lord knows what they'll actually charge.

But it works, hurrah!

In other house news we have all settled in, we have a fridge, and it has lots of food in, which is nice. And not having a TV aerial but having a satellite dish instead we've splashed out on a FreeSat box that can do HD, and it's very shiny. Just in time for me to watch the dancing and for us to watch the footy on Tuesday and the first two episodes of the new season of heroes last night. Being back at work is tiring, but the 4.5 mile commute is surprisingly pleasant given it's along Trumpington Road. And the removal men came and collected their boxes from the garden this week just in time to stop them going soggy in the rain. We still need curtains, but otherwise we're pretty much settled. And the big hippy scarves are making good temporary ones in the bedroom. I knew the was a reason I had so many safety pins. All in all life is good.

Tags: house

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