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House moved

Thankyou so much for the advice on what to expect with the packing and moving. It was very helpful, and it all went smoothly. Though you were all wrong on one point: they drank coffee not tea!

We had one chap to pack on Tuesday, and he was rather embarrassed not to have brought enough small boxes to pack the books: I think we've got much crockery, glasses and plates crammed into smallish cupboards than we expected. So the packed the books into big plastic crates on the morning of the move instead. They arrived at 8, and we were out of the house by 10:30 or so, and they'd finished unloading by about 1pm just as it started to rain.

By teatime we'd unpacked apart from half a crate of books and 2 boxes in the kitchen. So far nothing broken. We caught the train into town and finished the hoovering and cleaning and then Kevin came and inspected and took meter readings and gave us a large cheque for the deposit and the unused rent up to 17th October. And Becky kindly gave us a lift with the mop and hoover and got to see the house (with its large pile of flattened boxes in the middle of the living room. She kindly dropped us again by Shelford station so we could have dinner at Zara, which is a rather posh indian in the old station building. Very very tasty food, we'll definitely be back.

A fairly early night meant we were awake bright and early this morning, and we've finally got the computers put back together in our rather snug study. They're both working fine, and when we plugged in the ADSL modem it turns out AOL are more efficient than they advertise, as it's working fine. And since it's now in the same room as the computers we're on wires rather than wireless and feeling a little faster as a result. Sorted.

Squeeeeee! We like our new house. Fridge is supposed to arrive today and then we can go buy some food for it.

Those of you who are LJ friends of mine can find updated contact details in my original post, which is also linked from my Memories. If anyone else wants to know drop me an email (lnr@livejournal.com).

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