Eleanor Blair (lnr) wrote,
Eleanor Blair

Stuff and things

Things wot I have been doing lately:

  • Eating and drinking: dinner at CB2 last week good as always, a nice takeaway curry during the week too, plus a fair bit of cooking: roast chicken, chicken risotto, chicken and bacon pasta (spot the theme), lamb stew, salmon pasta, and a cottage pie we're too full to eat tonight so will have tomorrow because we had a lovely big lunch out at the Bridge in Waterbeach today.
  • Gardening: much pulling up of overgrown plants
  • Finished a programming project at work on Friday afternoon, it still needs more testing, and more stuff to glue it into the environment it'll be running in, but it works to the spec, and got some testing while I was putting it together, and all came into place about 5pm on Friday which is a great place to be before the weekend.
  • Exercise: I gave in and bought a wii fit, even used a website with realtime stock checking to find it. So I've had it 6 days and been on it every day, if only to check my progress. I have aches in muscles I barely knew existed. I have aches in muscles where I swore I thought the exercise in question was too easy and wasn't doing anything, even with the added weight of a tin can of chilli. I have added to these by walking to Waterbeach and back again with Bridget, Tom, Mike and Duncan today. Lovely walk, lovely food, lovely heron, but ow ow ow my legs hate me. Surely 10 miles shouldn't be that hard.
  • Stuff: I have also been reading (Banksy's Excession, thanks Sally), knitting (socks nearly finished) and even actually played my bass for a few minutes today. I should aim to fit more of that in.

Stuff I am doing soon:

  • Eating cottage pie!
  • Looking at a few more houses in Shelford next weekend, with an eye to buying if we like something a lot and we can get a sensible price. Of course we're not in a rush, since prices are predicted to keep falling, and the one we made an offer on at the end of May was nice enough to make us a bit fussy. The one we wouldn't touch with a bargepole at 190K asking price is now asking 165K. Still won't touch it.
  • Folk festival is the weekend after next, and mum, dad, steph and dave are coming down for it, should be good.
  • Going off to Cardiff to visit friends the following weekend.
  • Cycling holiday in Cheshire for a few days at the end of August. Hopefully not too ambitious: we've managed very little so far this year, and aren't even doing the London to Cambridge next weekend. Maybe we'll manage a nice ride next weekend of our own, depends on the weather really.

Life's pretty chilled at the moment, and that's nice.


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