Eleanor Blair (lnr) wrote,
Eleanor Blair

For sale

I've been having a clear-out. I've got a pile to go to charity, a very small pile to keep even though it doesn't currently fit, and a couple of things which I think are a bit too good to just give away.

These were bought for 40 pounds from ebay. They're a size 6, the heel is 6" tall, the platform is 2.5" tall. In total they measure 20.5" from top to bottom and nearly 7" across the top, although they have a small stretch panel, so I reckon they'd fit calves of about 12-15 inches. Never been worn out of the house, since they only just fit when I bought them. Looking for about a tenner.

This was bought for 50 quid, reduced from 100 in the sale, and has only been worn on 2 or 3 occasions. It's in panels of a sort of chocolatey purple shade of suede (the photos are actually quite close to the real colour), and lined in a rich satin and measures 34" from waist to hem. While it's a size 10 it measures around 30" at the waist, and I believe was originally meant to be worn only slightly above the hips, I wore it at the waist instead as a size 12. Again, looking for around a tenner.

Another ebay purchase this was bought as I was gaining weight again from my lowest and never quite fit, though I've kept it for years just in case I got back to my "target" size. It's a lovely cheong-sam style dress, labelled as being made in China, and in a pretty black satin with a red cherry blossom print. Measured flat it seems to be about 40" in the bust, 33-34" in the waist and measures 54" from neck to hem. It fastens with a zip up the side and then hidden poppers along the edge of the front wrapped section, with pretty frogged fasteners at the neck. I think a tenner is probably about right for this too.

This was bought from Fairy Gothmother in 2003 and worn on a handful of occasions. It says 30" on the box, but the narrowest part of the corset measure 28" when closed, it's very stiff, so would possibly fit someone who would normally wear a 26" corset. Black PVC with purple PVC flames, steel busk at the front, steel boned and laces at the back. Supplied with original box. This was 160 quid new, and I'd really love to get somewhere near 50 quid for it now.

Bought to go with the corset above these are a euro size 39 or about a size 6. These are black with purple flames on the tongue and heel and a purple horned skull motive on the toes. They can be adjusted for calf fit by tightening the laces, which go through a hole in the heel, or by adjusting the buckles, but have a zip closure for quick and simple everyday use. They've had quite a bit of wear but are still in good condition, although the purple leather has slightly discoloured on the toes. I can include a tub of New Rock leather polish, although I no longer have the original box. I believe I paid 115 quid for them and I'm looking for offers around 35. Obviously these would cost a lot to post as they weigh about half a stone.

Feel free to point other people here if you know anyone who might be interested.

Oh, and there's a (slightly fuzzy) picture of me in the corset and the boots here.

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