Eleanor Blair (lnr) wrote,
Eleanor Blair

Book swap

I have these two Discworld novels in hardback. I have all the rest in paperback. This bugs me, I'm a sucker for things matching. If anyone likes hardbacks I'd like to either a) swap these for the paperbacks or b) sell them for what the paperbacks would cost me, say a fiver each.

Any takers?

The Truth and The Last Continent

Oh and if you click through the rest of the gallery has lots of photos of my mum's garden, and a photo of the lads as close as they got to flying. The weather didn't co-operate, so they just got to have a look at the plane and be shown the controls instead, we'll be trying again the first weekend in June, since we're up for my grandparents' diamond wedding anniversary. It was a nice weekend anyway, good company and good food. Last weekend was nice too, with Jan and Owen's birthday party being easily good enough to make up for the 7 hours on very hot coaches getting there and back. This weekend will be a quiet one to catch our breath a little. Shame the sun didn't last though, although our garden is happy for a bit of rain.

Tags: books, life
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