Eleanor Blair (lnr) wrote,
Eleanor Blair

A Journal

I've not been using LJ much as a journal lately, so thought I might try and work backwards and blog a few weekends in brief. Starting with the weekend just gone:

Weekend of 26/27 April: Quiet night in Friday. Gardening Saturday morning, gig in London on Saturday evening as Mike's birthday treat (Opeth, Arch Enemy, Devil Driver and 3 Inches of Blood, at Brixton), stay over at City Inn Westminster. Excellent breakfast then train home Sunday morning, bump into Si and Nesta at Cambridge station: they've come up to celebrate their 6th year anniversary. Mini pub-crawl with them: Kingston, Blue, Mill. Late lunch/early dinner at CB2. Watch Mike finish Zelda when we get home then bed, knackered.

Weekend of 19/20 April: Weekend off, do almost nothing beyond pottering to the shops and watching DVDs. Bliss. Monday is Mike's birthday, so we go out to CB2 for dinner which is lovely, and spend the rest of the week eating cake.

Weekend of 12/13 April: Bristol for Joe's return to UK party at John and Heather's. Takes up most of weekend once you include traveling.

Weekend of 29/30 March: Glenys' housewarming in Worcester. Great party. And boat race of course. Lovely mix of people from all over.

Weekend of 21/22 March: Easter weekend: as already blogged we bought a wii and played many games on it. I think we must have gone for a bike ride on the Saturday, on the principle it can't possibly have been any other weekend, and we just avoided wet weather in the afternoon, and then on the Sunday it snowed and we built a snowman.

Weekend of 14/15 March: Up to visit mum and dad while my grandad was visiting them too from Larne, and had a generally nice time. Chinese takeaway on Friday, dinner out on Saturday (having spent the day mostly watching the rugby while people were out) and family Sunday lunch.

Next weekend we're off up to mum and dad's for the bank holiday weekend and for Mike and the other boys to have their Christmas presents from my parents: an hour's introductory flying lesson. Then the following weekend hopefully we'll be over to Oxford for Jan and Owen's birthdays, and then we actually get another weekend off after that. It's fun, but we aren't half tired.

I have updated my lists of books 2008 and bike rides 2008.

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