Eleanor Blair (lnr) wrote,
Eleanor Blair


We were woken this morning by a burglar alarm going off around 8:30am. When it eventually stopped at nearly 9 Mike got up and opened the blinds, to find it was not only snowing but that it had been doing so for some time and had settled. We got up and dressed and wrapped up warm in record time, and decided it was time to take our recycling to ASDA as an excuse to go out for a walk in the snow. On the walk over we drew a picture on the front of a car and Mike tried waltzing in the street to see what the footprints would look like, then once we'd posted all our tetrapacks in the bin we made a snowman in the carpark. We walked home through the cemetery. On the streets it was all beginning to melt, but it was still lovely here. Click through for more photos. Can you spot what's odd about the two photos of the snowman?

Tags: photos, snow
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