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Had a lovely evening out last night. I've been determined to be really good foodwise this week, and that meant I sued almost no sins over the weekend, and had lots left last night. Richard and I decided it would be nice to go out to dinner together for a change, and given we've been a bit short of transport options lately with both bikes out of action we figured we'd go straight after work and met at the Margherita on Magdelene Street at around 6:30. That early we were their first customers which was pleasant, as it meant we got a little more attention from the staff than we might have done otherwise.

Had a lovely 3 course meal with a bottle of wine, with coffee to follow. Geeked and gossiped and got a bit giggly (in my case) towards the end since I'm not really used to drinking so much these days. Decided to walk home together to walk it off, and having picked a route which went fairly near to French's Road we figured we might as well drop in on Sion and Jan. Had another glass of wine there and sat and learned all the gossip from the weekend (the perils of having not seen people for a change: we seem to have missed all sorts of excitement!) and paged through some rather entertaining books Jan had bought inthe sale in Borders. Very silly :-) Snuggled some with Jan on the sofa too which was pleasant, and looked through Sion's photos from New Year (which are rather nice).

Staggered off home around 11:30 and snuggled some more with Richard instead before sleep. This meant a slight shortage of sleep overall, so I'm somewhat knackered today, but never mind. Got up this morning and popped into the bike shop in Arbury Court to pick my bike up which I'd dropped off yesterday. They reckoned the spring in the derailleur had gone (which was not really all that surprising since I'd more or less worked that out myself, just not how to fix it). They'd fixed this by replacing the derailleur with a reconditioned one. And charged me the princely sum of a fiver for the privilege. Pleasant to cycle into work on a repaired bike in nice condition again, although the gear positions are all slightly altered, and further apart, which means it may be a little while before I'm changing gear as confidently as before.

Not a bad day at work anyway, though not all that exciting. Couple of things lined up to keep me occupied for the near future though, so I'm not completely in a rut. Plan for this evening is coffee, supermarket, dinner and then just slobbing, since Jan is too knackered to be sociable and so am I really. We'll have to spend some time together tomorrow instead. We've had too little time alone with each other lately, as nice as it is to see her with other people around too I do like to have her all to myself occasionally (oo-er).

Hope to find time to see more of E-J and Karen and so on at some point this week too, but god knows when.

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