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Domestic goddess

I took today off work because I was feeling lazy and fancied turning a four day weekend into a 5 day weekend. So today I spent working pretty much non-stop from 9:40 til 5:40, with just a break for lunch and one for a glass of water. I think I must have got a bit of spring cleaning bug or something.

I cleaned the bathroom properly including the loo, threw away some cardboard from upstairs, jogged to the postbox and back, put away the washing up, cleaned all the surfaces in the kitchen including the draining board, cleaned the dining table and mats, did the washing up, cleaned the top of the cooker, cleaned the inside of the fridge, started cleaning the inside of the cooker, put away the shopping which Tesco delivered, made a note of best before dates to work out what to eat first, finished cleaning the inside of the cooker (it's a lot better if not perfect), had lunch, washed up again, did two loads of washing, mopped the kitchen and bathroom floors, hoovered upstairs, downstairs and on the stairs, dusted everywhere: shelves, skirting boards, windowsills, electrical appliances and even the tops of pictures and doors, stopped for a drink, got out recipe book, walked to ASDA and back in the rain to get some ingredients, baked a cake, washed up again again, took cake out of oven, had a shower and iced the cake. I was just finishing that off when Mike got back and did the last load of washing up :-) Look, cake!:



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