Eleanor Blair (lnr) wrote,
Eleanor Blair

Stuff for sale / giveaway

I have a bunch of stuff we just don't need any more. Any offers (including nothing) for any of the following:

  • bin with separate compartments for compostables and standard waste
  • 14" telly with no remote, could possibly use a universal remote. Otherwise can't be tuned in, but has scart socket so good for DVDs, videos, freeview, games etc. And of course after next year the "terrestrial" signal won't work anyway, so it won't matter. (free)
  • 14" telly with indoor aerial, has remote, but some buttons not working well. (free)
  • universal remote control (unused) - with manual
  • freeview box - with manual
  • scart switch box and scart cable
  • kef coda bookshelf speakers and c 6m speaker cable (£1.50 a metre new)
  • separates cd player - LCD display no longer works, but plays fine - with manual, and a remote if I can find it
  • Basic toaster. Slightly chipped and with a red mark on one side, but still works fine, replaced for aesthetic reasons only.
  • stereo midi system cd/dual tape/record deck (radio believed broken) includes very cheap speakers (free)
  • Basic kettle: not cordless, no fill level indicator, works fine, but needs occasional descaling (free)
  • 13.5 tog double duvet - about a tenner, it's in good condition

Remaining items have now been places on ucam.adverts.forsale and ucam.adverts.giveaway

Tags: forsale, giveaway
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