Eleanor Blair (lnr) wrote,
Eleanor Blair

My weekend

On Friday we went out for dinner at the Ugly Duckling, and had nice chinese. Then we came home and watched the last disc of CSI season 3.

On Saturday we had a lazy day at home, we walked over to M&S to get a bit of shopping but otherwise just pottered round the house and geeked a bit. We watched the England/Scotland rugby match in the afternoon, while knitting and doing puzzles, since it wasn't exactly riveting stuff. Then we watched Barnsley knocking Chelsea out of the FA Cup, and that was much more fun. Barnsley ran circles round them and Chelsea looked like they were barely playing for 3/4 of the match. It was good to see that Barnsley could still hold them off once they picked up the pace near the end, because they thoroughly deserved the win. Finished off the evening with the last disc of CSI miami season 1.

Sunday I had a nice lie in, before leaping out of bed in a hurry to meet up with Bridget, Adam and Duncan in time to go out for a walk to Waterbeach along the river. I even dug my old walking boots out of the cupboard, which I don't remember having used at all since our school expedition to the High Atlas Mountains in Morocco in 1992. We kept a fairly brisk pace really, and reached the Bridge in Waterbeach to find it heaving for Sunday lunch - though our 20 minute wait for a table turned out to be a bit quicker. We had some nice food, and were just finished our main course when it started tipping it down outside. Duncan and I bravely shared a pudding to pass some time, and before long it had stopped again though, and we set off home again in bright sunshine, and traced our steps back the way we came (route on Bikely). One nasty blister on my little toe by the time I got home, but at least it hadn't burst </tmi>. It was about 5 when we got home, and we spent a quiet evening geeking and reading until we thought we really ought to have some dinner, which was accompanied by the first have of Red Dwarf series 2.

It was a nice weekend :-)

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