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Weekend and another

To continue writing up last weekend...

I forgot to add that our lazy afternoon included watching part of our Christmas present. The first half of the extended edition of The Fellowship of the Ring. Wonder when we'll get round to watching the rest? Anyway, after our nice chinese we headed to the pub. Evan and Gina offered to drop us off in the car, but Mike wanted to walk. And of course it was all uphill :-) Still, it's all exercise innit? We reached the pub, rather knackered in my case, and settled down to an evening of drinking cider and gossiping with Phil (who I'd met before for Mike's birthday last year), Gwynny (spelling phonetic there) and Martin. It was a nice night anyway, and midnight before they stopped serving and started to chivvy us out. At this point Mike rang round an entire list of taxi companies and only one of them answered the phone: "sorry, we're fully booked, yes, right through til morning". We'd forgotten we weren't in the big city (ha) of Cambridge any more. So more exercise was needed, in the form of a rather pleasant 3 mile walk home. It was a lovely night though, if a bit cool. Sadly I arrived home to find a rather nasty blister which had already burst, leaving a large hole in my toe which had my limping for several days. Oops.

We got up early enough in the morning to wave Evan off to play golf. We'd originally been intending to head into Gloucester for part of the day, maybe go see the Cathedral or do some shopping, but what with my foot and both of us being a little hungover we ended up hanging around watching the birds some more in the sunshine, had a nice late brunch, and headed for the train to Bath around 1ish. We decided to go via Gloucester and Swindon since it was a lovely day again and it's rather a pretty way. The first was late though, and very delayed due to having to proceed at 10mph for quite some distance because there'd been trespassers on the line, so it was actually quiet late by the time we got into Bath. Still, we checked into our hotel, which Mike had picked because he's always loved the name: Pratt's Hotel. Our room seemed nice, though slightly marred by them refurbishing the corridors on our floor during our stay, so it was full of drying paint and stripped wallpaper!

Anyway, the reason for the trip to Bath was Rae's birthday celebrations, so we joined them for a quick drink in the Hob, which is probably the one pub in Bath I could reliably find now, and is pleasantly alternative. Then 15 of us headed off to Las Iguanas for dinner. Most of them went for the £7.50 early evening menu and had cheesy mushrooms or soup followed by burgers or enchiladas, but we decided to splash out and shared a tapas platter for starters and then Mike had a chimichanga (at least partly for the cool name) while I tried the Cordera which turned out to be a lightly curried lamb shank, and absolutely gorgeous. All washed down with cocktails, though in our case only one each, rather than sharing a pitcher (or two) between 2!

The rest of the evening proceeded as a pub crawl through a couple of other places I've forgotten before heading back to the Hob, where eventually Mike spotted it was quiet upstairs in the pool room so several of us spent a couple of hours playing drunken pool. Mind you Mike and I were probably about the most sober people there. We left the last few die hards still drinking around midnight - the hostesses and her partner Adam having tottered off a bit earlier - and headed to bed.

Sunday was a quiet day by comparison, with a nice hotel englih breakfast and the long journey home in the sunshine, and then some pottering around the house when we got home, watching CSI Miami and not doing much else. Sadly by the morning I'd developed a cough, which turned into more of a general cold over time, and kept me off work half the week. I spent Thursday catching up on stuff I'd missed with a whole week away (and having Mike cook me steak for a Valentine's dinner in the evening), and then Friday I was most of the day at the Women's Forum conference, which was actually really good fun, especially the speakers they had in the afternoon: broadcaster Vivienne Parry and Chief Constable of Cambridgeshire Constabulary Julie Spence.

This weekend as a result has been a quiet one. We've watched the first five episodes of Heroes (ace so far, can't wait for the next ones to come in the post), done a fair bit of geeking and reading, went out to CB2 for dinner last night, been to the shops and bought nice food and a rake and done a bit of gardening: mostly just raking the lawn and a bit of weeding both front and back. Satisfying. There's chilli cooking downstairs (enough for two big meals) and overall it's been nice, even if we haven't done much. And next week will be exciting as we're off to Lisbon on Friday for a long weekend to celebrate my sister's 30th, which should be lovely. Though I'm a little alarmed at the thought of travelling to a country where I don't speak the language, since I don't think I've ever done so as an adult. (France doesn't count as I can get by in French).

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