Eleanor Blair (lnr) wrote,
Eleanor Blair

Year Meme: 1999

1999 was the year I moved to Cambridge. Moving into the house on Gilbert Road known as Relativity with Ian and Mobbsy and Richard one weekend near the end of January and starting work in my first real job at for the Physiological Society on the following Monday.

It was the first time I'd lived properly away from home, rather than in a student hall of residence or with my parents, and it was strange moving all my things out of my mum and dad's house. It was great living with these guys though, since we hadn't all started to get on each other's nerves too much yet, and we were a pretty sociable bunch. We tended to cook and eat together most nights - often vegetarian since Ian was still going out with Marisa, and later Mobbsy was seeing Christi, both of whom are vegetarians. There were many parties. It was also good to be actually living with a partner (Richard) rather than in a long-distance relationship. Doubly luxury to actually have a double-bed to share as well. Things were good.

Work-wise the job was as a publications assitant on the society's two journals, of which The Journal of Physiology was the more well known, as well as more frequently in publication. We were using Acorns at that point, which was rather nice really. My job mostly consisted of taking authors accepted papers in whatever electronic form they were supplied in and converting the text into the right format for our publishing software and putting the sections into the basic styles we used, before passing it on to the production editors. Plus converting any electronically supplied images into the right format, but more often scanning in and cleaning up images provided on paper. Then once it was ready for the press I was in charge of printing it all out oversize on special paper as camera ready copy. And finally taking the finished versions and running a bunch of scripts to get them on the web.

We were based at Cambridge University Press, who provided us with office space as well as doing our printing. It was quite a nice environment to work in really, and the canteen was definitely a perk of the job as far as I was concerned. It was across the other side of town to Relativity, and I'd mostly get the bus to work during this year, I only really took up cycling it instead the following year. I used to see some of the same people on the bus all the time, but since they weren't usually at my stop I don't think I ever said hello or got to know anyone.

1999 is one of the few years I didn't keep a diary, so I can't look at that to jog my memory. I used to keep one as a word document, but sort of stopped after university. And I didn't start again until I got a livejournal in 2002. 1999 wasn't one of the exciting years. A good year though anyway.

If you'd like to do this meme yourself ask me to pick a year for you. If I don't know you well you may need to give me an idea of how far back you're likely to remember.

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