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Bike rides 2008

On which note here's this year's bike rides:

  1. 2008-01-05: Grantchester, Coton, West Cambridge, back through town.

That was last Saturday. We headed from ours across Parker's Piece then down to the Mill, then along Grantchester Meadows, across the motorway toward's Coton and took the bridlepath that was terribly muddy last time I used it but fine this time. Coming back we came over Garret Hostel Bridge, which is always fun, everything looking gorgeous in the sunshine. Stopped and pottered round several art shops in town, then back across Parker's Piece again. About 9 miles in total, I've not bothered to put it on Bikely but it's similar to this one.

  1. 2008-02-08: Upper Common to St Briavel's Loop.

Our morning ride while staying at Mike's parent's house. Notable for being much more hilly than Cambridge, and in weather more like April than February. 10.4 miles. Bikely map

  1. 2008-03-21: To Waterbeach along the road and back along the tow-path.

Comes in at about 10 miles, and headwind most of the way out, so pleasant coming back. Thankfully didn't rain until the afternoon. The date might be wrong, as I forgot to write it down at the time, but it seems to be the only plausible weekend :-) The route was identical to this one on Bikely from last year, so I don't need to draw it again. It would be nice to get out and do some more rides but we don't have many free weekends at the moment (April 28th).

  1. 2008-05-24: To Great Shelford and back.

A hot day, but a pleasant ride out to Shelford to look at some houses, then back along my potential commute to see how long it would take (about half an hour, with a slight headwind). Bikely

  1. 2008-06-25: Whittlesford to Heydon for dinner and home via Fowlmere

Finally a proper ride, 23.5 miles after work. I joined Mike at Whittlesford, which is where he usually gets the train home, and we headed out towards the King William IV at Heydon for dinner. It's uphill pretty much all the way, and some of it is very steep, and I was surprised how well I coped, especially as the wind was not in our favour and it's quite blowy out there tonight. Lovely meal (continental meat platter to share followed by pork and black pudding for me and an excellent chicken caesar salad for Mike) and then a longer ride home, which was much easier and took a fairly similar amount of time. (About 2.5 - 3 hours total ride time). Definitely pleased I can still climb what pass for hills round here, even if it's slow and in very low gears. The usual Bikely link has the elevation profile as well as the route.

  1. 2008-07-26: Out to Shelford and Hauxton to look at houses

Between our house and Harston is about 11 miles round trip as the crow flies, we made it more like 20 by stopping to visit several houses in Great Shelford, look at the shops and the playing field, see another house in Hauxton and try find the nearest shops in Harston (no luck) and then have lunch at the Navigator in Little Shelford before returning home, a little pink from the sunshine. Bikely route.

We went on a holiday in August:

  1. 2008-08-27: Egerton Green to Beeston Castle loop
  2. 2008-08-28: Egerton Green to Wem
  3. 2008-08-29: Wem to Colemere loop
  4. 2008-08-30: Wem to Egerton Green

There are maps on Bikely: day one (16.9 miles), day two (32.6 miles), day three (17.6 miles), day four (23.8 miles). I wrote briefly about the holiday here and took some photos.

And since then I don't think we've cycled any further than to work and back, and home from the Carlton, and none of those are worth mentioning specifically really, though I guess I can give you the maps of my usual routes to work and home again.

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