Eleanor Blair (lnr) wrote,
Eleanor Blair


Can't be bothered to do the 40 questions meme this year. However 2007 has been good, some of the reasons follow below.

  • I moved in with Mike, and we bought lots of nice things to make our house a home.
  • My sister got married and I was a bridesmaid.
  • We spent some fun time with family: egg rolling in Lincoln, visiting the Humber Bridge in Hull, seeing bluebells in the woods near Lydney.
  • We have lots of lovely friends, and managed to find time to visit and be visited by several of them.
  • We went to see Les Miserables in London, and later Phantom of the Opera.
  • We watched quite a few films and far too much TV, all rented from Lovefilm.
  • Mike got lots better on his guitar, I got a bit less rusty on the cornet, and now I have a bass to learn too.
  • We did a lot of cycling, including a lovely holiday in Norfolk.
  • We ate a lot of lovely food, in a variety of interesting places.

Basically we mostly just chilled out and had a nice time. Which is more or less the plan for next year. We need to go visit Mike's family to celebrate a rather belated Christmas with them too, we're planning to catch up with Rae in Bath for her birthday, and we've got a weekend in Lisbon for my sister's birthday in February, then a week with family at Ascog House in June, plus we'd like to try and get in a proper holiday for the two of us, and Mike's been bought an hour's air experience as a Christmas present by my family. It's all sounding great.

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