Eleanor Blair (lnr) wrote,
Eleanor Blair

Gigs retrospective, 2007

I'm really really hoping I just didn't blog some and then completely forgot about them, but in the absence of any other evidence I really only went to 4 gigs this year, and missed a 5th due to the weather. Still despite my embarrassment I'm still posting my list of gigs in 2007. Here's the lists for 2005 and 2006 too.

Here they are as a table of gigs in date order:

2007-01-18Justin Currie (unknown: couldn't make it: no trains to London due to high winds)Scala, London
2007-02-26Ezio (none)The Boathouse, Cambridge
2007-11-25The Black Crusade: Shadows Fall, Arch Enemy, Dragonforce, Trivium and Machine HeadBrixton Academy, London
2007-12-07Jimbob (The indelicates, Subliminal Girls)The Barfly, Cambridge
2007-12-21Ezio (none)The Barfly, Cambridge

Alternatively here they are as an alphabetical list of bands:

  1. Arch Enemy
  2. Justin Currie
  3. Dragonforce
  4. Ezio x2
  5. The Indelicates
  6. Jimbob
  7. Machine Head
  8. Shadows Fall
  9. Subliminal Girls
  10. Trivium
Tags: gigs

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