Eleanor Blair (lnr) wrote,
Eleanor Blair

A busy lazy week

I've been having a very lazy week, since I was tired out after a full weekend. But actually I've done quite a few things.

On Monday I didn't go to see Bearsuit at the new Barfly (upstairs at the Graduate). Tom may now call me names lots, but honest I really was too tired.

On Tuesday lunchtime I went to the dentist, and had one filling done, and while it was numb the teeth in that quadrant de-scaled. The filling was necessary because part of one broke away when I chomped on a bit of crab shell in an otherwise lovely sandwich in Norfolk. However while some say I should be cross with the chef I am in fact quite pleased that it got me to get round to going back after 5 years. I was *very* glad I was numbed while the cleaning was going on - scale so bad it shows up on the x-rays. I have another 3 quadrants to de-scale yet, and another filling in one of my wisdom teeth. To be honest I've got off lightly. It's still horrible, and I am a bad girl and must also get better at cleaning my teeth.

On Wednesday we bought dinner from M&S and ate it while watching the football. England v Russia and it was an excellent match to watch. Obviously England winning helps.

And today (Thursday) I went for a bike ride at lunchtime, because the weather was nice and people had been talking about cycling on irc. Notably we'd been talked about fixies and singlespeeds. I'm pretty sure the former wouldn't suit me, but as an experiment I simulated the latter by staying in the same gear all the way round my 12.6 mile loop. On balance I think I'd want a higher gear. I made it up the one hill with a bit of oomph to spare (albeit rather red in the face) but was struggling to keep up on even the smallest of downwards inclines. Still, it was fun. Route on Bikely as usual.

Tomorrow Tesco are coming to bring us lots of nice food, and then it is the weekend again. And on Monday we will have to go out to celebrate having survived 6 months of living together, happier than ever.

Tags: anniversary, bike, dentist, football, life

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