Eleanor Blair (lnr) wrote,
Eleanor Blair

Brilliant weekend

On Friday I hopped on the train after work and joined Mike at Whittlesford Parkway station for a leisurely ride home, where we had homemade bruschetta for tea. Route on Bikely.

On Saturday we were woken early by next door shouting, but still managed to get a lie-in, before heading out to spend the day at Dan and Lucy's wedding. It was a very small party, only 30 people in total, and took place entirely at the Royal Cambridge Hotel. The ceremony was short but sweet and the music (and Clare's comments on it) made us all laugh. We hung around and chatted for photos, then had a lovely dinner, spent the afternoon making balloon animals and playing party games and gossiping, admired and ate the cake and chilled out some more before a buffet tea which no-one really had much room for and more socialising until the bride and groom went off to bed. It was a really really nice day and everyone looked lovely. I'll have more photos to post later.

And then on Sunday after more early waking and attempted lying-in we wandered into town to meet some of Mike's colleagues and hangers on for lunch and then punting. We were slightly thwarted in our plans by the chosen restaurant being closed on Sundays, but soon relocated to ASK for pizza and pasta. Then 9 of us headed over to Scudamores via Sainsburys and hired ourselves a big ferry punt and took it upriver to Grantchester.

I was the first to have a go at punting, and I think did a very impressive job of reversing out of the dock and then setting off upstream. But I did find it harder work propelling the bigger boat, and my inaccuracies in punting direction were much harder to correct for by using the pole as a rudder - the sheer weight of the boat took a lot more work to steer. Still, I think I made a creditable attempt before Roy took over. He seemed much faster and straighter, but showed himself up by losing the pole twice in quick succession. First rescued by someone on the bank, and secondly by an 11 year old boy with an impressive feat of swimming which earned him a well-deserved kit kat.

In the end we all had a go at propelling us, some for longer than others, and we all made pretty good attempts - particularly impressed by the beginners. The journey was punctuated by all-too frequent loo breaks, as vast quantities of wine and beer were consumed (Mike and I were on the pop instead, so fared better). Charlie managed to fall right in the water and got soaked through. And Louisa had one leg slip as she was getting back in the boat, soaking her trousers and badly nettling her foot. And Roy lost the pole again on the way back downriver. All in all it was a great success.

Next stop was the Mill for a well-earned pint of Old Rosie, and there we were pleased to find Mike Pinna, up in Cambridge for the weekend to visit his mum, and having a quiet pint with a couple of his old colleagues. It was great to see him and have a bit of a gossip, and made a lovely end to the afternoon. We stopped on the way home to pick up some chicken from KFC and some chips from the chippy and watched Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back while we ate, which means I think I've now watched the whole set (Clerks, Mallrats, Chasing Amy, Dogma, Jay and Silent Bob, Clerks 2) and it was rather fun seeing the references to the others. And then to bed, tired but very happy.

Tags: bike, life, punting, weddings

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