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Same destination, different route

There's some non-bike stuff at the bottom for those of you who are bored of the bike-blog :-)

In April I went out cycling for the day with Tom, we took a route out through Royston and then encountered some hills. The high point was roughly at Great Chishill, where we stopped for lunch at the Pheasant. From there we swept down to Audley End where I got the train home. Tom got a bit sunburned. It was about 28 miles.

On Saturday I went out cycling for the day with Mike, we took the NCN 11 south, intending to head west once we hit Shelford, but following it some more to see where it went. Then we struck off from Hinxton towards Duxford (taking the bridge at the official ford, but splashing though the big puddle the other side of the railway line), where we saw a grass snake crossing the road. Then we took Grange Road since it seemed to be going in vaguely the right direction, heading to Heydon and intending to lunch at the King William the IV. Sadly it stops serving food at 2 and we arrived at 2:15, so we headed on to the Pheasant at Great Chishill, roughly the high point of our journey, where in lieu of lunch we had pickled eggs and crisps and pork scratchings. From there we swept down to Audley End where we got the train home. We both got a bit sunburned. It was about 25.5 miles.

Having done two rides so similar in length and destination, with the last section in each case being identical, I was curious to compare the elevation profiles of the routes. The latter definitely felt a lot less hilly, despite having the same high point, and I think the graphs below confirm this. Though I now feel more justified for how hard work the ride up to Heydon was. Shame we didn't get our nice pub lunch!

Cambridge to Audley end via Great Chishill
Route 1: via Chapel Hill and Royston
Cambridge to Audley end via Great Chishill
Cambridge to Audley end via Great Chishill
Route 2: via Hinxton and Heydon
Cambridge to Audley end via Great Chishill

In other non-cycling news I took Thursday and Friday off as well as Monday, making this an extra long weekend. A couple of lazy days reading was definitely a nice plan. Sunday was also a very lazy day, with a walk down to riverside and Green Dragon bridge where we sat on the bank and watched the ducks for a bit. Monday in a nod to bank holidays we did some gardening, and our back lawn now has many holes where the used to be weeds, but hopefully it will grow back to fill them. It's been nice.

This week involves driving lessons (Weds/Fri), a visit to the dentist (Tue) and a visit from the washing machine repair person (Thu) as well as of course some work. I fear I am going to finish my re-read of books 1-6 of Harry Potter (in French) this week, about 2 months before the next one is due out. I obviously started them too soon. Will have to find some other way of distracting myself from reading Mike's English copy of book 7 til then.

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