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Life's pretty quiet mostly at the moment. Work's ticking along nicely enough, though with a few frustrations. We're still watching lots of DVDs (finished season 6 of Buffy now, plus several films. I really don't recommend the Famous Five musical we watched though). We've been to see the latest Die Hard film, and the new Harry Potter. And of course I'm learning to drive, and I've had several lessons, most of which have featured some practice at driving in queues in the pouring rain. We even managed to come to a standstill in the A14 on Wednesday evening. In amongst the day to day stuff we've had a couple of nice weekends.

Weekend before last was the Big Weekend on Parker's Piece. We avoided the music and the fairground rides but wandered along on the Saturday to potter through the French market. This yielded tartiflette and spicy sausages for lunch, plus some nice bread, ripe nectarines, shallots, chorizo and duck sausage. Then we headed south and spent the rest of the afternoon pottering around the Botanic Gardens, which was lovely. I've only been in about once before, and didn't really have a proper look around then, but we spent a couple of hours just wandering around and didn't manage to see all of it. Managed to slightly sunburn myself in the process, but sitting with a cold damp towel wrapped round them for an hour before bedtime took the heat right out of it, and by the next morning I was barely pink at all. The Sunday we invited Naath, Richard, Pete and Laura around to watch films: cake followed by Shaun of the Dead followed by Chinese followed by Hot Fuzz followed by key lime pie, all accompanied with rather too much booze for a Sunday night. It was fun.

This weekend has been quieter, but we had a very satisfactorily useful Saturday getting the shopping and gardening done, and then going out to dinner at CB2 in the evening. They've updated the Bistro Specials bit of the menu, which means sadly no more Lamb Shiraz, but I had mussels and a lovely thing made with tenderloin pork wrapped around bacon and spinach and a sauce I'd normally have had with red meat, and Mike had the black pudding and chorizo salad then the rib eye steak, with a sauce very strongly flavoured with rosemary which was yummy. Sunday was a very very very lazy day even by our standards. Breakfast around 10:30, skipped lunch in favour of a nap, lots of reading (I'm working my way through Harry Potter in French again) and geeking, a piece of cake mid afternoon, then a latish salad and quiche tea with the last of the duck sausage, followed by vegging in front of the telly until bedtime.

Not much happening this week other than driving lessons tonight and Wednesday, but next Sunday is our bike ride from London. We've got our crash space confirmed with Si and Nesta, and we'll be going out for dinner with them the night before - there's an excellent kebab restaurant just round the corner from them. Then we've got a weekend free before my mum and dad come to visit at the beginning of August. It's a quiet life, but a nice one.

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