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Another weekend

My mum rang with sad news early on Sunday afternoon: the younger son of some of their best and oldest friends has died, deliberately walked under a train. Upsetting even though I've not seem him since he was about 10. We used to go round and play with their Castle Greyskull. I'm terribly terribly sad for his parents and brother though. I know mum and dad will be going to the funeral even if it means cancelling their holiday.

It somehow seems a bit wrong after that to say that in fact mostly I've had a lovely weekend. Lots of TV and DVD watching (7 ages of rock, a bit of glasto, Buffy and Clerks I and II), some good food, half a jigsaw, lots of reading, and just hanging out with Mike. And Richard popped round on Sunday afternoon to drop some books off and stayed for tea and cake. Thanks Janet, the cake is lovely!

This morning I'm working from home, cursing how slow the connection to work is (much slower than to LJ for instance, but this may be because I'm trying to do more stuff over it), waiting for Argos to turn up with a table and chairs. Not the ones we originally ordered but a set that actually looks nicer, and was only close in price to the original one due to be reduced to half price. They've got about another hour to turn up in, so I'm not holding my breath, but despite messing us about for a while on this one I've never had Argos actually fail to turn up on a day they've said they'll deliver. <fingers crossed>

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